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    1. 石化工程設計
      產品與服務 ? Oxygen Enrichment Regeneration


      Oxygen Enrichment Regeneration Technology Provided by Lanke and Praxair


      Instead of the ordinary air, the high oxygen content air is used in oxygen enrichment regeneration technology to improve the reaction efficiency. During the course of air oxidation, the oxygen enrichment regeneration technology is an effective process improvement and optimization to eliminating unit bottlenecks , advancing device operation flexibility, saving energy and reducing the pollution.


      Cooperation with the international famous enterprises Praxair, Lanke provides the FCC oxygen enrichment regeneration technology and renovation project turnkey service. Core technology team of Praxair in American supplies the whole technology design and process package and members of Praxair in Shanghai join hands with engineering design team of Lanke are responsible for the system design, the implementation of security and technical guidance.


      Characters of low investment oxygen enrichment regeneration technology

      1 Without adding extra foundation for fan, operation and maintenance

      2 Without reforming regenerator flue gas system

      3 Without changing the internal structure of the regenerator

      4 Just connecting a oxygen pipeline linked by a distributor after the main fan


      Services scope of Praxair and lanke

      1 Previous project feasibility study with economic assessment and anticipation of the residue

      2 Design and measurement of the core oxygen distributor and oxygen supply system with safety and accurate control device

      3 Implementation and process optimization of oxygen enrichment technology

      4 Manufacturer trial, with which help owners get the optimal operating conditions with different raw materials and residue blending proportion.



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