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    1. 石化工程設計
      產品與服務 ? Sewage Treatment


      Hypoxic Biological Treatment System Independently Researched and Developed by Lanke


      Hypoxia biological treatment system, as the sewage disposal technology independently researched and developed by Lanke, is an efficient and integrated system of biological treatment with advanced synchronous nitrification and denitrification theory as the foundation. The system realizes the nitrification and denitrification simultaneously of which the shortcut nitrification denitrification occupies a considerable proportion by control of dissolved oxygen in the aeration tank (DO, ~0.5mg/L) in a single pool body to complete removal of organic matter. The system not only simplifies the system operation process, nitrogen removal ofsaving energy consumption, reducing the carbon source demand, but also avoids the adverse effect due to the accumulation of nitrogen in NO3- . Compared with the traditional biological treatment process, the technology has the advantages of good effects on nitrogen and phosphorus removal, continuous water accessing water to the reaction pool, no mud scraping system needed , low demand of the air and low energy consumption.


      Characteristics of the Technology:

      1 sludge with high activity

      2 aeration technology of large area

      3 air lifting technology

      4 dilution technique with large circulation

      5 efficient separation system of mud from water

      6 the integrated structure


      Advantages of the technology

      1 biological sewage treatment system with the least energy consumption

      2 biological sewage treatment system with the least investment and land occupation

      3 biological sewage treatment system with the least sludge residual

      4 biological sewage treatment system with the strongest capacity of bearing the impact


      The hypoxia biological treatment technology provided by Lanke has been successfully applied to the new municipal and industrial sewage treatment plant construction, which include new plant construction, sewage treatment plant upgrading and reconstruction and the in-situ expansion expansion upgrading and reconstruction. With optimal design and precise control intelligent dissolved oxygen control system and design the aeration system for the exiting of new built sewage treatment plant, the technology achieves the goal of energy-saving and cost-reducing, cost reduction and optimization design.



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